We’ve been helping people live a healthier life over the last 20 years. We’re dedicated to developing the most effective training programs just for you. Whatever your goals are. HA is uniquely located next to the provincial domain known as 'de ster' and proudly offers an oasis surrounded by tranquil forests and clean fresh air, straight our the trees. Our community of members and staff share an energy that inspires the potential in us all. We’re all on a mission to achieve results.

Our supportive team of highly skilled professionals will provide you with the latest knowledge on our wide selection of innovative fitness classes, focused workout programs, the benefits of nutrition, as well as progressive personal training techniques to maximize your experience. Maarten and the entire HA team is ready to welcome you. #forabetteryou Your goals. Our motivation. For a better you.


At The Atelier there are plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself

Personal fitness

Focus on your goals. Get Inspired and beat your expectations. Discover effective cardio workouts and strength equipment to achieve your goals in mind. Our certified personal trainers develop safe, effective workouts and nutrition plans with your target in mind.

Group lessons

It has been scientifically proven that in a group, people outperform then when alone. With over 45+ group fitness classes per week to choose from, our innovative programming includes cardio, dance, spinning, yoga, and strength classes designed to stretch and tone your body while burning calories and making new friends. Join the HA a positive-energy environment that will motivate you to meet your fitness goals.


TOTAL BODY is a cross training workout with a perfect mix of cardio, core and strength training. Boduvive was developed by a team of top fitness professionals and is one of the safest and most effective workouts. You'll be training your entire body with great music during your lesson. You'll finish your session feeling satisfied, motivated and full of energy. There is no need to worry whether you're a pro or a beginner, our highly professional and experienced coaches will ensure that you make the exercise correctly to avoid any strain.


Discover ​the latest dance sensation! ​This is great fun ​with ​dance moves. Sh'Bam is the perfect way to get in shape and ​let your 'inner star'​ ​shine.​ Get ready for fun.​


This is a weight based group fitness program and one of the most effective ways to get in shape, burn fat and get your body toned. ​Anyone can participate​ in this ​muscle toning class with weights.

Body Jam

Join a cardio dance workout with different dance styles. This is the workout you are free to enjoy the sensation of dance. You'll burn calories, improve your fitness and learn to​ ​overall fitness learn to while learning​ new dance​ ​moves that will impress. An addictive fusion of the latest dance styles with hottest beats that puts the emphasis as much on having fun.​

Body Balance

This Body & Mind class is filled with ​beneficial move​ments​ based on yoga, tai chi​ ​and Pilates. This focus revolves around improving your posture, flexibility, ​core strength, coordination, and balance. ​This ​is​ truly​ your personal time out​ to recharge from a busy day.


We start with a low-impact choreography session which is easy to follow and yet challenging. With muscle toning emphasizes on the problem areas (stomach, buttocks, breasts) and the muscles that make for a healthy, beautiful posture our (Back). When we cool down stretch both your body and mind will thank you for joining this class.​


Step aerobics can be clearly distinguished from other forms of aerobic exercise by using an elevated platform (the step). The height can be adjusted at anytime to the individual needs by inserting 1 or 2 additional blocks under the step raising the workout intensity with every step added. You get a challenging choreography for 30 " based on and around the step.

Flex Stability

Feel the change, feel the benefits! In today's sitting culture and with a lack of exercise, obesity and back pain are all becoming standard practice. We came make the change so join us and take action! Flex Stability is a group lesson to optimize posture and mobility. We focus on core muscle strength, agility and overall coordination which are all essential for a healthy body! The class consists of well-selected exercises, forming a greater balance between exercise and relaxation. the Flex Stability class always takes into account your physical conditions or restrictions. We help provide real everyday tips and exercises to improve your daily activities whether at work or at home.

Vinyasa Yoga

Almost dance-like, Vinyasa yoga movements are smoothly flowing which explain why it is sometimes referred to as Vinyasa Flow or just Flow. Moving to the rhythm of your breathing: that is Vinyasa. We combine standing, sitting and reclining postures (asanas) in challenging flows. Here we'll find support though our own breathing and with a backdrop of fun music. Each lesson is recognizable, yet slightly different, playful yet structured for physical challenge everytime to "just empty head"!

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures, or (asanas), that are held for longer periods of time —from beginners to more advanced practitioners. Yin yoga increases mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips while lowering of stress levels. Discover a true oasis for the body and mind.


Spinning an ideal way to burn calories. We're excited at HA. Our spinning studio has 50 brand new spinning bikes and is the largest spinning center in Belgium. Whether you're an or experienced cyclist who wants to maintain his condition, sharpen up, or simply want to relax by spinning on fun music beat after a busy day, our instructors will guide you on technique and ensure their enthusiasm will leave you with that 'blissful feeling' when you get off the bike.

45 Plusers

One of the secrets to a healthy life is to simply keep moving, this allows us all to be the master of our own your body which is the HA motto. Our instructors understand getting and keeping you moving at all ages, builds longevity promotes flexibility and vitality. Every class works towards a relaxing but energizing session, for better a better you.


Want a challenge? Discover CORE with just 30 minutes you will not only feel your abdominal, buttock and back muscles working hard and getting stronger than ever before. Your "core" with thank you for it. Ready for a challenge!

Gym Schedule

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