Networking Events in Sint-Niklaas

Maak kennis met gepassioneerde top mensen enjoying the spice of life.


Looking for networking event space
in Sint-Niklaas? 

Whether you're a local business or wish to hold an event on the edge of woods with plenty of parking.


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Outside hall


  • How LARGE is the location?

    You should choose the plan which meets your needs and requirements and send us a message to place the order. You can also make it online.

  • DO YoU OFFER catering?

    Our specialist can help you assess your particular issue and define which plan suits you the most. Feel free to contact us.

  • Do you offer BRANDING & PROMOTION for the EVENTS?

    In today’s competitive world it’s important to put your best foot forward.
    Your business should be highly visible and always presented in the best light possible. When it comes to showcasing your brand at your next corporate event, Event Solutions has you covered. As one of the top event planning companies, we realize the importance of a successful branding and promotion campaign. Good marketing and effective branding is often a fun, entertaining way to advertise. Our experienced event designers want to learn about your product or company, so that they can help you show it off in style. 
    Contact us to speak with them today.
    Based on what you’ll be promoting, our professional event planners will create a unique idea that will incorporate your product or company logo (or both) into the most appropriate and effective ways at the event. Event design covers the look, theme, and feel of the event itself. You have a product or company, and you want to promote and advertise at the event. It could be a new beer or liquor on the market. Maybe it’s a familiar product with a modern twist. Perhaps it’s a brand new product that’s sure to revolutionize the market. It could be your company itself, which is its brand. It’s anything you have that you’re excited about and you want to advertise. What are some of the unique branding and promotional ideas, you ask? Good question. Call to speak to an event coordinator to find out more.

    Promote Your Brand in Style
    Successful branding and promotion is key to making sure your product is properly showcased and shown in the most effective light. Our event designers are full of innovative ways to make your product or brand stand out and excel. Our design team can bring a whole new look to your product and make the event itself an affair to remember. Branded gift bags, extraordinary promotional giveaways, and effective decorative schemes at your venue are just a few ideas to get us started. We want to showcase your product or logo in the most professional way possible. Hollywood events, corporate events, grand openings, product launches, and even social parties are often good opportunities to show everyone who you are and just what you can do. To speak with one of our professional event designers, contact us today.

  • IS the enough parking AVAILABLE? 

    Absolutely, we have plenty of parking available on location. In case of overflow, we have a large parking lot 200 meters away.

  • Can I rent out the meeting rooms / events spaces for personal use?

    Yes! All of the facilities are available for rent.

  • Which facilities are present at the HA?

    HA is multifunctional space that understands the needs of businesses on a personal level. HA facilities include a Kitchen, Event & Catering space, bar area, gym and more!

Your team + HA = A unique story


Unique events create lasting memories